For a no BS, straight to the point chronology of the lineup changes in the band, visit the timeline.

Pour une chronologie claire des différents changement de formation du groupe, visitez
la timeline!


It is the month of March 2006 and the world sleeps, unaware that a massive shift in the planet’s tectonic plates has given birth to a juggernaut.  Fate has set three individuals on a collision course; their union will shake the very foundations of reality and sound.  Michael Haddad, Sherif Maghraby and Alexandre D’Amour emerge from sonic hibernation, on the outskirts of Montreal, to form the movement known only as Unbeing.  As bassist, guitarist and vocalist respectively, they lay the groundwork for a paradigm shift in the interpretation and perception of sound waves.  After altering the Earth’s orbit with their first compositions, the three young godlings of Unbeing are joined by Pascal Flynn on drums and Étienne Poirier on guitars.  At that time, these two humans are the only creatures on the planet capable of withstanding the raw energy of Unbeing’s music; all else simply bursts into glorious incandescent flames.  Threatened at gunpoint, the newly formed 5 piece performs its first shows in 2007; buildings collapse and babies are born with the ability to correctly predict stock market variations.   

At this point, Pascal and Étienne decide to pursue different paths to unrivalled glory.  To date Pascal was last seen in a remote wooded valley building the future and Étienne can now fly.  Finding itself in need of a percussionist and a second guitar, the Unbeing triumvirate searches the most obscure and dangerous dimensions of space and time.  Jesus is auditioned, as are Stephen Hawking, Zeus and Charlie Sheen.  It is finally deep below the northern permafrost that Sherif, Michael and Alex uncover the tomb of the ageless warrior known only as Jean-Phillipe Bédard.  Even though it is considered attempted suicide to merely think of waking one of these demons, Unbeing needs a drummer who can translate the rumblings of the Earth.  Once awakened, JP immediately realizes the futility of punishing those who would disturb his eternal rest.  Instead he joins on as the band’s full time drummer, position he will hold till long after the Sun dies, or he is offered a permanent gig in Valhalla.

Having found a worthy drummer, Unbeing desperately seeks a player of six-strings, or the terrorists win.  Once again Jesus is considered; although his technique and sense of rhythm are unparalleled, scheduling difficulties and prior engagements keep the son of God from achieving permanency in Unbeing.  With time running out and the total annihilation of humanity right around the corner, the band turns to a mystic named Guillaume Brosseau to fill the void.  By channelling the spirits of Hendrix, Chopin, Genghis Khan and others of similar musical calibre, Guillaume is able to compose melodies that defy gravity and create portals to higher consciousness.  Sadly, it is in one of these portals that Guillaume is lost to Unbeing, seemingly forever.  His departure is assumed to have precipitated the collapse of the USSR, but leading authorities vehemently deny this, pointing to apparent temporal impossibilities and other factors.  They know nothing.

It is said that love conquers all; those in Unbeing know this all too well.  It is sometime before the disappearance of Guillaume that Michael, bassmaster and gremlin-smasher, is mortally wounded in a jet fighter⁄ heated gun battle⁄ Super Smash Bros. Extravaganza.  Unbeing always buries its dead, and Michael is sorely missed.  After three nights of mourning and violent protests he is somehow brought back from beyond the veil by the love of an alluring gypsy-woman.  He was last seen rising from a burning funeral pyre to join the stars.  Many unsolved murders later, Sherif, JP and Alex find themselves in front of a Ninja terrorist-hunter: Chris Furci, the bassist.  Tracking him down in the remote jungles of Cambodia, Unbeing offers him salvation and a valid passport.  He accepts and plays many times with the band, culminating in a heated gun battle bar brawl ...on MARS.  Unable to cope with the horrors of his past life, Chris decides to leave that very night.

A pivotal moment in the story of Unbeing is about to explode from the chest of history.  Frontman and High Wizard Alex successfully attempts a daring helicopter rescue over storm-tossed seas and has a revelation; he must forsake singing to pick up the bass guitar in order that peace may be secured once again in all the realms.  This revelation coincides almost perfectly with the addition of another primeval force to the growing ranks of Unbeing.  Martin Labelle, the true architect of the Matrix, cannot overlook the unstable nature of Unbeing’s terrible power.  To protect the Balance and oppose the Old Ones, Martin becomes the keyboard player the band didn’t know they needed.  Until they knew.

Meanwhile back on Earth, a legendary seducer is trying his luck on an electric guitar; the axe will soon give in to the charms of Anthony Grieco, the man who would be king.  And the second guitarist Unbeing needs to complete phase 2 of the Master Plan. 

Having suddenly realised that they no longer had a frontman, Unbeing falls into a deep depression which less educated persons might call global warming.  It is in the depths of this funk that our heroes meet Yan Chatel; a man whose lungs can roast marshmallows, heretics, Nazi scum and giant stingrays. With his power level (over 9000) and his unstoppable killing spree (over 9000), Yan helps Unbeing attain the rank of 2010 Ultimate Champion of the Multiverse, Musical Performance, at the Métal Académie 2 . Alas, this triumph is short-lived; Yan must wrestle with demons (it’s a sub-clause in his contract, section 2.3.1: “singer hereby agrees to wrestle with demons when applicable”).  In many sub-Saharan tribes, they still to this day speak of an awesome battle that raged 40 days and 40 nights.  Mountains moved and rivers gushed from huge cracks in the earth.  These tribesmen, they speak his name in awe and fear.

Five years after the birthing cries of Unbeing tore holes in the fabric of space-time, we find ourselves looking at a five-piece ProgEpic InstruMetal band.  Sherif Maghraby and Anthony Grieco on guitars, Jean-Phillipe Bédard and Alexandre Murdock D’Amour on percussions and bass guitar and Martin Labelle on keyboards.  Individually and as a whole, they have overcome hardship, laughed in the face of danger and pissed on the charred corpse of impossibility.  Now they are poised to reveal themselves to the world.  There is no turning back.  No mercy.  THERE IS ONLY UNBEING.